Adventurers of Clusterspace: Second summary

The Old Man's death.

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This is the second part of the draft summary what happened during the first seven game sessions.

The Dark Star landed in a dock of the mining city and they were waiting for a courier from Ny’ska business partner. They did not know anything about this partner and where and how will be the meeting. But they could not ignore Ny’ska request thus they started to make a plan how could exchange the chests and to get the crime lord’s money back. While they were planning the passengers paid and the two women left the board.

sj belyeg.jpgAbout two hours after the landing a lonely warrior arrived to the dock and delivered a message; the meeting venue is in an abandoned industrial site not too far from the dock. They had one and half hours to arrive there.  After the currier left the dock Dev with a sniper rifle and Rat hurried to the meeting place to reconnoitre it. According to the plan Dev hid in a high building on the industrial site to secure the meeting with his rifle, and Rat went back to report what he had seen there. After a short war-council they decided, “The Old Man” and some crew member (Rat, Blade, Vos, Kenrik and Flynn) escort him to the meeting and those who remained on the board will secure the dock and prepare the spelljammer for a quick start. 

They arrived first to the meeting venue. It was a small backyard and there were ruined buildings, warehouses and rusty cranes around it… So it was a perfect place to an ambush. They did not notice Dev or anyone else so they were waiting. About three minutes later they heard an approaching group from the other side of the backyard and soon arrived five humans and a huge steam jack which carried a big chest. The Old Man negotiated the leader of the other group (who was a dark clothed woman) and finally they exchanged the chests.  First both of them checked what was in the chests then the woman gave a sign to one of her men who did a spell and the chest with Ny’ska’s money teleported to somewhere. It happened in very short time so the party had not enough time to respond it. Then she warned the Old Man: choose the life and leave back the chest with the shadow stone and gone. Only Kenrik was who heard it and he drew his pistol immediately but he was late. The Old Man collapsed with bloody head and in the next moment they heard the sound of a shoot. Then the hell broke loose. After a short fire fight and hand-to-hand fight they defeated the other group, and the steam jack was immobilize with a spell by Vos. It was a sour victory. They got hold of the shadow stone but one of their boss died and Ny’ska’s money gone. The only gain was the steam jack because the dwarf arcane mechanic opened the damaged cortex access panel and imprinted the cortex with a new primary handler (of course with himself).

When they arrived back to the Dark Star they first think was to leave the city immediately, but because they knew Ny’ska very well they knew they should to try get his money back before. And of course take a revenge for the Old Man.

They started to gather information about their attackers and used their streetwise skill to know more about the local criminal underworld. All information showed toward to one person who was known as One-Eyed. He was the local crime lord, and he was ousted by Ny’ska from Trinona about a decade ago. He got the local underworld with brutal way and nowadays he started expanding in the wildspace. He has a very good relationship with the local representative of that calidian Rising Sun trading company which was the ruler of the city. They knew one more important information during their investigation; the place of One-Eyed’ headquarters. It was located in the old town of the mining city in the building of a casino and brothel.

So they needed a good plan. The first step was to reconnaissance the building where One-Eyed located. It was Rat and Blade's task, they were the scouts. While Rat looked around inside the casino during that time Blade walked around the nearest streets. The streets in this part of the city were overlaid to keep away the weather mainly the icy winds and the snowing, but some building were enough high and its floors were above the roofed streets. The casino building had three more floors over the roof and the top of the building there were three docking piers for spelljammers and air ships. Inside the building Rat went to the casino level and tried to find where located the crime lord inside the building. The casino had three levels but the third which was a curtained gallery was open only for VIP gamers. The passageway to the brothel opened from the middle level of casino. Rat was vigilant so at the end he found the entrance of One-Eyed’ private office. He counted in all six guards in the casino but according to the information which was gathered earlier the One-Eyed had about one hundred henchmen. So he calculated with 20-30 men of arms in the building. Rat hoped one of their passengers became a prostitute in this brothel and maybe she could provide more information but he did not find her.

When the two scouts arrived back to the Dark Star they made a plan. According to it Rob as the representative of Ny’ska and Rat as Rob’s servant would visit to One Eyed from a business reason. While they negotiate with him, during that time Blade, Dev and Vos will intrude via the top of the building and try to reach the casino area and to find Ny’ska chest somewhere. If there will be any problem during the action then everyone will flee to the top of the building where Kenrik with the Dark Star will pick up them. It was a simple plan with lots of prone to error but at that moment they had not better.

one eyed.jpgFinally only Rob could meet with One-Eyed because the guards found a poisoned pin hidden in Rat’s garment so he was kept back in front of the curtained gallery. Inside the gallery there were three more guards, a representative of that calidian trading company which ruled the mining city and two prostitutes. Rob was surprised because one of them was the younger girl from the Dark Star, but it seemed she did not recognize him. For Rob who introduced himself as the representative of Ny’ska it was a hard discussion with One-Eyed who said Ny’ska wanted to assassinate him only some hours ago. He had a statement from the assassin and it was enough convincing for him. He wanted to answer Ny’ska with an unequivocal message thus he wanted to send back to him the head of the assassin of course with Rob. When Rob took over a bag with the head he was shocked because the assassin was their other female passenger. Rob and Rat was happy to leave the Casino alive mainly because when they left the private gallery they heard shoots somewhere from the upper levels of the building. The shoots came from their fellows because they were noticed by One-Eyed’ henchmen. Initially it seemed everything is alright, because they climbed up to the top of the building and defeated the guards. Vos stayed there to secure the docking piers and the staircase, Dev and Blade sneaked down according to the plan. They had no luck because close to their destination they were revealed by some gunman and a pistol mage so they had to flee. After a long and hard fight they reached the roof, Rob and Rat joined and when the Dark Star picked up them the party left behind the mining city and the ice asteroid. 

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