Adventurers of Clusterspace: First summary

The sleeping beauty.

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This is the first part of the draft summary what happened during the first seven game sessions.

The adventure startedNy'ska_bélyeg.jpg in the outer ring of Trinona, on a bigger calidian asteroid city. It was a mining colony with some forges, mechanical workshops, merchants and a crowded spaceport. The calidians lived in the shadow of the blue planet Trinona, ruled by the lords of the flying cities. The Dark Star docked here because this port was the headquarters of a local calidian crime lord called Ny’ska, and it was the time to pay back a part of the loan which was provided by him. There was only one problem; they have not enough money to repay the actual instalment. Because Ny’ska had a very bad reputation if someone tries to get out of the payment, the two owners of the spelljammer decided they try to agree with him to pay back the instalment in a later time, of course with bigger interest.

Thus Roberto and the other co-owner of the Dark Star called “The Old Man” escorted by some crew members went to negotiate with Ny’ska about a possible solution. It was a hard negotiation, but because of the crime lord and “The Old Man” were “old friends” since decades, Ny’ska acquiesced in a later payment if they will take a small favour for him.  He asked them to transport a small chest (what was full with gems and platinum bars) to a mining city of the asteroid belt which called as The Glacier and change it to a bigger chest (which will contain stolen shadowstone from Achemon). The trick was in his request that if it is possible, they need to bring back both chests to Ny’ska.

They went back to the Dark Star and started to prepare the departure toward the Glacier and that asteroid city, and of course tried to find passengers, because the small money is money too. They were lucky because they had two passengers, a middle aged woman and her niece. According to the opinion the female crew members both of them were whores who wanted to try their luck on that mining settlement. The party gathered information about their destination thus they knew the ice asteroid was a huge mining and industrial spaceport of a calidian trading company but the resources depleted so it had already lost its importance.

After they travelled more than three days from Trinona the Dark Star was abruptly out from the spelljamming speed. It happened because the arcane mechanical system had been detected another object in collision course just before them. It was a damaged hammership and it looked abandoned. The owners decided a small team - Dev, Vos, Blade, Rat and Rob -  boarding to the other ship maybe find some loot. Because in our system there is no breathable air envelope around the characters’ body in the wildspace thus they took on their breath masks and approached the other ship. Because there was no operating helm or arcane mechanical engine in the hammership there was no gravity on its decks, so they should to use their freefall skill (it come from the Dragonstar) for the moving. The ship was abandoned and plundered and its damages come from a battle with another ship. Maybe the attackers were pirates maybe belonged to other group that was not important to them at that moment, they wanted to find something valuable. They searched the ship room by room to find some loot, but they found only a letter in a hidden place in the captain’s cabin. They found a few floating corpses in the decks that were died in hand-to-hand fight (one of them wore an antilan warrior mask), but there was no track the other members of the crew. They were found finally in the cargo bay, more than three dozen bodies floating there in the zero gravity. At the end the Rat was lucky because he found a secret door behind the corpses on the back wall of the cargo area. After he opened it behind the door there was a small chamber and inside there was a strange construct with a glass (or crystal) tube. Inside the tube there was some kind of blue light and a floating humanoid (maybe a human girl). The device looked like as an arcane mechanical “hibernation tank” but Rat had never seen same device before. There should had been some kind of magical trap also, because when he opened the secret door it activated some kind of magic and the floating corpses started to move and changed distorted undeads. After a long and desperate fight with the undeads they moved the strange device to the cargo bay of the Dark Star. When they examined the device they realized that it was made by the antilan sun mages and the girl in the tube looked like an antilan. The letter what was found in the captain’s cabin contained some further information about it… The destination of the device was the Ironport in the outer rim and it was addressed to Sina Mora. They had not any idea who or what Sina Mora was, but after he checked the tank Vos declared he can open it. When Roberto agreed he started to activate the opening mechanism of the device, and after a few minutes it was opened.

antilan lány_bélyeg.jpgThe girl – about 16-17 years old – fell out from the tank and Blade was who cached her. She was unconscious and almost naked thus Rob was who covered her with his cloak. When the girl come back and tried to speak there were strange and sometimes dangerous wild magical effects across the board (magical fires, whirlwinds, summoned shadows etc.). Roberto was the fastest and with a hit made the girl unconscious again. He ordered  Vos to activate the device again and put the girl back into it, but according to the professional opinion of the dwarf it would possible only about after twelve hours, because first he needed to examine the device how can activate it again. The girl was guarded by Blade in a cabin and she was stunned during the necessary time. Blade as a wizard and because he had some conflict with antilan sun mages in the past knew that the wild magic is prohibited in the Antilan Empire. The Sun Mages believed it is a kind of weakness and degeneration. And because they need to keep the bloodlines of the noble magician families clear thus an antilan child with wild magic killed in his/her young ages when they detected the degeneration. Blade suggested to Roberto try to speak with the girl maybe they can gather some information from her, but Rob did not want to risk the integrity of the Dark Star, mainly not in the wildspace. So at the end the girl was closed back into the tank (but earlier when Vos disassembled the arcane mechanical device he set aside some part of it… maybe those can be useful in the future in other constructs).

They arrived to the Glacier three days later, and during the approaching they tried to avoid the illithid nautiolids and the calidian patrol ships. This area of the wildspace was at the border of the illithid territories and the mind flayers’ ships sometimes marauding in this area hunting to potential slaves.

The mining city was on the surface of a huge ice asteroid so it was a challenge to landing in the extreme weather conditions; wild, icy winds and almost continuous snowing. But at the end they successful landed in a dock close to the former and nowadays abandoned industrial district of the settlement. 



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