We have started our new Spelljammer campaign at the beginning of this year. My original concept was a campaign in Firefly (and a little Star Wars) style with rogues, smugglers, pirates, scoundrels but in Spelljammer.

It is based on the original Spelljammer setting, but in our campaign we use lots of steampunk and arcanepunk stuff. The most of the new things came from the Iron Kingdoms d20 rpg (mainly the firearms rules, arcane-mechanical weapons, steam jacks and some casts like the pistoleer and the arcane mechanic).

There is one more big difference compare with the original Spelljammer rules… the spelljamming. With a special arcane-mechanical engine (traded by the Arcane) not only the spellcasters but other casts can drive the spelljammers with pilot skill. These techno-magical engines transform the energy of magical accumulators to kinetic energy, and the non-magical characters also can pilot the spelljammers this way. Of course it is possible to drive a spelljammer on the old way too, but the helmsmen mainly choose the techno-magical engines because in this case they can use their spells when leave the helm.

My dream as a DM was a sandbox game, thus we choose the Clusterspace as the place of our adventures because it is a “closed” crystal sphere. It was a perfect choice with its asteroid belts, planets and colourful habitants (the human races, illithids, Antilan Empire with the sun mages etc…) and with lots of possibility. Because in the Astromundi box there was only a sematic map about Clusterspace our first job was create a poster map size colour one (it is possible to download from the side bar as "Törmelékűr térképe").

In our Astromundi there are the antilans in the centre of the sphere (like the Empire in SW or the Alliance in Firefly). Then there is a free trade zone since the end of the big war between the antilans and the illithids (the Inner Ring). Out of this zone there are the mind flayers and their varan servants’ territories and the calidian settlements. The calidian have not a central ruler or government; they have mainly independent asteroid colonies and trading companies. The outer rim is the home of the nomads of the sphere, the thoric.


About the party (according to the header picture from left to right):
You can also download the character sheets (but in Hungarian) from the side bar.

Devestator bélyeg.jpg

Devestätor “Dev” - rogue/fighter/pistoleer

He is a thoric gunslinger, a hired gun and the biggest guy in the party (with his 6,4 feet height). His main weapon are fire weapons (mainly the pistols, he has six about them) a long sword and some throwing daggers. He is the cook on the ship. Dev mentality same as Jayne in the Firefly.

Tomi karakter bélyeg.jpg

Kenrik “The Captain” - rogue/smuggler/pistoleer

He is a half-blood calidian (he has both calidian both varan ancestors).  He is the captain of the Dark Star so he is in the higher position on the board. His main weapons are a rapier and a five shoots pistol.

Roberto Silco bélyeg.jpg

Roberto Silco “Rob”, “The Monger” – merchant/rogue

He is a descendant of an influential varan merchant house from Boyarny. He left his home world because of a family conflict and he became disinherited. Now he is a free trader and the co-owner of the Dark Star (and in this role he is the employer of other players in the party).

peti karakter bélyeg.jpg

Trunk Golrim “Vos” – arcane mechanic

He is a changeling (a shapeshifter race from Eberron) at this moment in a dwarf male form. He is responsible for the arcane mechanical and technical parts of the Dark Star, and he is the handyman of the party.

kópé karakter bélyeg.jpg

Leon Arancio “The Rat” – rogue/ranger/assassin

He is a varan from Boyarny and he was growing up on the streets in gangs and thief guilds.  Nowadays he is the bodyguard and executioner of Roberto.

bali karakter bélyeg.jpg

Boris Vislovski “Blade” – fighter/wizard/spellsword

He is a calidian mercenary. No one knows his original name (he has a Vislovski rifle and he use this name as his surname) and his history. He has a burned scar in his face and he limp in his left leg. He provides the magical fire power on the ship but he is good with his long sword too.


About the ship:

In our campaign we use a ship from the Allods Online as a spelljammer. The size of this ship is similar to the tradesman as we use, thus it is a medium transport. The name of the ship is Dark Star. Of course it has a small crew (one pilot, two helmsmen, two gunners, one navigator and an arcane-mechanical servitor). They are on same position with the characters (except of the captain and the co-owner), and all of them have a simplified character sheet thus in some cases the players or ad hoc players can play with these characters too.



About the campaign:

We have already played seven game sessions. According to my plan I will write in the close future a draft overview what happened until this time and in the future I will write short summaries almost in same time with the Hungarian.



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